The annual Midwest Showdown Shootout hit the hardwood in St. Louis, Missouri this past weekend and once again a talented group of prospects delivered quality performances on a high levels stage.  Here’s a look at the top ten scoring leaders and the game results from this past weekend’s platform…

2021 6-3 Mario Fleming Cardinal Ritter – 31 Points
Fleming had a field day finding gaps in Mehlville’s zone defense. The 
physical guard nailed 3FG from outside, attacked the seams sinking 
high arching shots over Mehlville’s towering defenders, and attacked 
the rim drawing fouls and finishing through contact. On the interior, 
he used his quickness to flash into the high post an easy turnaround 
jumper or basket drive. Mario finished the contest with a tournament 
high 31 points, including three 3-pointers and 6 of 6 from the free 
throw line.

2020 6-4 Jaques Williams Thea Bowman Academy - 29 Points
The athletic Williams used a combination of strength, athleticism and 
exceptional body control to attack downhill. Williams is a gifted 
slasher and used his talent to put defenders on their hills as he 
grinded his way to a 29-point performance.

2022 6-3 Nick Kramer SLUH – 27 Points
The sophomore guard was one of the best shooters on the night and lit 
it up from all over the floor. Kramer uses his size and skill to 
create his own shot. The sharpshooter didn’t need much room or time to 
get into shooting motion and fire it up for 27 points on the night.

2021 6-2 Barcus Jackson Jr.  Lift For Life - 27 Points
The junior guard was scoring it at all three levels in route to a 
27-point performance. Jackson is an energetic guard that was at his 
best in transition. The athletic guard nailed 3-3FG on the pull up in 
transition. On the drive, Jackson was able to snake his way through 
defenders to finish at the rim.

2021 6-3 Brock Wakefield South Iron – 24 Points
The junior guard was one of the most entertaining players to watch. 
During the second half of the contest against Lift For Life, Wakefield 
appeared unstoppable as he broke through double teams, successfully 
navigated the press and put pressure on the basket. The talented guard 
had the swag going as he attacked downhill, hung in the air and used 
an array of exciting finishing moves to score 16 of his game high 24 

2022 Drenin Dinkins 5-10 South Iron – 23 Points
Dinkins is a skilled lead guard that can break down defenders off the 
dribble, score it in the midrange and deliver the ball on time and on 
target to open teammates. Dinkins finished with 23 points off midrange 
pull ups, floaters and trips to the foul line.

2020 6-7 Lamontay Daughtery Mehlville – 23 Points
The high energy forward nailed the first three of the game and never 
looked back. Daughtery showed a nice tough around the rim. He attacked 
aggressively off the dribble from the short corner and foul line area 
putting the defense on its heels. The athletic forward also didn’t 
mind mixing it up in the lane, rebounding and securing second chance 
points. Daughtery finished with a double-double 23 points and 10 

2021 6-7 Jordan Nesbitt St. Louis Christian Academy – 21 Points
Nesbitt continued to show his ability as a leader and facilitator. He 
is a fiery competitor that used his passion and playmaking to will his 
team to a come from behind victory to take down a spirited Chicago 
Corliss team. In addition to his passing and playmaking, Nesbitt used 
his strength and athleticism to attack downhill scoring at the rim and 
draining midrange pull up jumpers. Nesbitt finished with 21 points.

Koron Davis 6-5 Thea Bowman Academy – 19 Points
After going scoreless in the first quarter, the smooth wing got things 
moving in the second quarter. Davis is a long, skilled, athletic guard 
that got into his shooting motion quickly and was able to create his 
own shot off the dribble. Davis also demonstrated solid handles and 
nice passing skills. He is an efficient scorer that made his game high 
19 points look effortless.

2020 6-4 Simon Wilson Mount Vernon (IL) - 17 Points
Simon is a workhorse for Mount Vernon. The blue collar forward is 
capable of guarding multiple positions and scoring from different 
areas of the court. Defensively he simply outhustled his opponent, 
deflected passes, secured 50/50 balls and crashed the boards. On 
offense, he was scoring at all three levels. His shot was falling from 
the three and from midrange on the catch and shoot. He scored 17 
points in the game against Webster Groves.

Game 1 Webster Groves 49 vs Mt Vernon (IL) 54
Game 2 Lift For Life 56 vs South Iron 69
Game 3 SLUH 53 vs Thea Bowman Academy (IN) 66
Game 4 St Louis Christian 59 vs Chicago Corliss (IL) 54
Game 5 Cardinal Ritter 56 vs Mehlville 62
Game 6 Hazelwood Central 43 vs East St Louis (IL) 62