CBC and Chaminade took to the courts earlier this week in a quality showdown of talented prospects.  Here’s a quick look at five of the standouts…

2020 Caleb Love 6-4 CBC – The senior guard came out on fire to kick the offense into high gear for the Cadets.  Love began the match sinking a three pointer. Then, he intercepted a pass and took it the full length of the court for a windmill dunk. Sophomores Hughes and Martin also matched his intensity as the trio seemed to get all the easy looks that they could hope for during the first two periods. It was obvious that the Red Devils had seen enough and tightened up their defense in the second half to contest shots and keep the Cadet guards out of the lane. The North Carolina bound Love responded brilliantly. He used the opportunity to display his versatility by using his exceptional athleticism, ball handling and passing skills to keep the Cadets offense from stalling. Love used the dribble efficiently, kept the ball moving to occupy the defense, and found openings in the defense to get the ball to teammates in scoring position. He clearly showed that he is at his best when he combines his playmaking and scoring ability. Love ended with 22 points (3-3G), nine rebounds and five assists. 

2022 Damien Mayo Jr. 6-2 Chaminade– Damien Mayo was clearly in a zone today. The high energy athletic guard made his presence felt on offense and defense. On defense he was effective harassing ball handlers, intercepting passes, and attacking the boards. On the offensive end, he used his strength to bully his way to the basket finishing through contact and earning several trips to the line. Mayo finished with 20 points, seven rebounds, two steals and a few blocks.

2020 Luke Kasubke 6-6 Chaminade – The goal of the Cadets defense was obviously to force Kasubke to work for every basket. Defenders worked to harass the senior guard, chase him off the line and challenge him at the rim. The seasoned guard was up to the task and undoubtedly wore down more than a couple of defenders. Kasubke did a terrific job moving without the ball, running defenders through screens, and using sound footwork to create space to score. Kasubke never let up and continue to take the shots available to him and force the issue attacking downhill. The Kansas State signee finished the game with a hard earned 14 points. 

2022 Rob Martin 5-10 CBC – Once again, the sophomore guard thrived in the fast paced, pressing game of the Cadets. During the second half, Martin did a great job of pushing the tempo to keep the Red Devils defense off balance.  The Cadet’s press forced several Chaminade turnovers and Martin quickly got the ball in his hands to race it down the court before the Chaminade defense could set. Martin is exceptionally quick with the ball and his speed is a key part of triggering CBC’s fast break. The sophomore was able to get loose for 12 points and distribute four assists. 

2020 Chevalier Brenson 6-3 CBC – The senior guard brought ruggedness, physicality and athleticism to this heated rivalry match. Brenson was responsible for six steals out of the CBC press. He used old fashioned hustle and tenacity to wreak havoc on the passing lanes and quickly turn those steals into scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. Brenson’s offensive and defensive efforts came at key moments to help CBC fend off Chaminade.  One key moment came near the end of the contest when he inbounded the ball off the back of a defender and stepped in to score the basket. The heads-up play put the game out of reach for good and dashed any remaining hopes for a Chaminade victory. Chevalier finished with 12 points, four rebounds and six steals.