The second day of the July live evaluation period continued on Thursday as pool play continued and action heated up at Homestead High School.  Quad City Elite 2015 guard Grant Gibson started the day with 29 points while Lamonte Bearden came on strong in the second half of a big win.

Top Performers
Lamonte Bearden -- 2014 -- PG -- Wisconsin Swing
6-2 -- Germantown H.S. -- Germantown, WI
After a first half in which Bearden played a team game, he went off on the second half and made play-after-play to set up teammates and ultimately propel the Wisconsin Swing to an easy win over the Peoria Irish. Bearden is very good off the bounce and uses spin moves well to create space from his defender. As July wears on, it will be interesting to see which schools keep close tabs on him.

CJ Carr -- 2014 -- PG -- Quad City Elite
5-7 -- Rock Island H.S. -- Rock Island, IL
The pint-sized point guard made play after play on both ends of the floor to the tune of 25 points in an afternoon victory over the Minnesota Fury. Carr is quick and explosive and uses good body control to get to the rim and adjust in mid-air to avoid defenders. He can also knock in some shots and set up teammates and plays the passing lanes very well.

Grant Gibson -- 2015 -- SG -- Quad City Elite
6-2 -- Galesburg H.S. -- Galesburg, IL
In a morning win over the Minnesota Magic, Gibson scored 29 points and did it in a variety of ways. Gibson knocked in shots from the perimeter but also does a tremendous job moving without the ball and finding space as a cutter. He doesn't look the part, but he has a very high basketball IQ and plays within the team's offense.

Riley LaChance -- 2014 -- PG -- Ray Allen Select
6-2 -- Brookfield Central H.S. -- Brookfield, WI
In a tough win over Reach Legends, LaChance came up big in the second half, knocking in shots and also finding teammates for open looks. LaChance plays the game at his own pace and does a good job between shooting from the perimeter and also going inside or getting to the free throw line. He made some tough shots to the tune of 27 points.

Josh Weix -- 2014 -- F -- Wisconsin Playmakers Peterson
6-6 -- Eau Claire North -- Eau Claire, WI
The lefty came out aggressively in the Playmakers' afternoon win over E1T1 and the beginning of his second half was especially strong as Weix scored inside and outside while also getting in the passing lane for a steal that led to a breakaway layup. He finished with 19 points for the contest and was also active on the defensive end and on the glass.

Star Watch
Marcus Bartley -- 2014 -- PG -- Peoria Irish
6-4 -- Decatur Macarthur -- Decatur, IL
It was a tough contest for Bartley, but he did run his team's offense and continue to play hard even though his team didn't put forth the best effort in the second half. If Bartley can continue to improve his outside shooting, he'll be a more well-rounded threat from the perimeter and force defenses to back off of him a bit.

Levi Bradley -- 2015 -- WF -- Terry Porter Elite
6-6 -- Pius XI -- Milwaukee, WI
As the course of the grassroots season has gone on, Bradley has played very well and shown that he's continually improving and refining his wing skills. Levi still needs to add strength, but he has a better approach to attacking off the dribble and the lefty wing is finishing with more regularity in traffic.

Jay Knuth -- 2014 -- WF -- Kingdom Hoops Elite
6-5 -- Johnston H.S. -- Johnston, IA
Although he's banged up with a knee injury, Knuth performed admirably in a tough loss to Terry Porter Elite. Knuth can knock in some shots, but he's also productive in other ways and rebounds and defends multiple positions.

Diamond Stone -- 2015 -- C -- Young Legends
6-10 -- Whitefish Bay Dominican -- Wauwatosa, WI
The elite 2015 big man didn't have his finest outing in a loss to the Peoria Irish, but he did make some high-level plays and showed why he's one of the best prospects in America. Stone used his tremendous hands to corral offensive rebounds and stick in put-backs and also showed a nasty drop step that led to a two-handed dunk. As mentioned yesterday, his explosiveness has improved and that's helped Diamond as a shot blocker, rebounder, and finisher around the rim.

Justin Tillman -- 2014 -- F -- Reach Legends
6-8 -- Pershing H.S. -- Detroit, MI
In a close loss to Ray Allen Select, Tillman was an animal on the glass, snagging 16 rebounds -- eight of which were on the offensive glass -- while also finishing with 14 points. His shot selection and jumper could still stand to improve, but Tillman will draw high-major interest for his ability to get on the glass and remain productive.

Stock Boosters
Obediah Church -- 2015 -- F -- Peoria Irish
6-7 -- Springfield H.S. -- Springfield, IL
Upside is the key word for the 6-7 jumping-jack forward. Although his wing skills need to improve and his jumper needs work, Church is quick off the ground as a leaper and that helps him as a weak side shot blocker and rebounder. Church has a good natural feel around the hoop on both ends and had multiple tip-ins and blocks as a stand-alone defender and help defender.

Dylan Miller -- 2015 -- PF -- Peoria Irish
6-7 -- Hillsboro H.S. -- Panama, IL
Having two consecutive teammates in the stock boosters section might seem a bit redundant, but the duo of Obediah Church and Miller contained Diamond Stone about as well as anyone has all spring, so both of them deserve some credit. Miller did the brunt of the actual defending on Stone and played solid positional defense while also rebounding his area and displaying some decent hands. He's just starting to learn the rungs of big-time basketball and it will be interesting to track his development throughout July.

T.J. Schlundt -- 2014 -- SG -- Wisconsin Swing Litch
6-4 -- Oconomowoc H.S. -- Oconomowoc, WI
Schlundt shot the ball at a high level in a win over the Peoria Irish and since teams are always looking for shooters with size, a game like that can only enhance his stock even further. Schlundt started out hot from the perimeter but then played his defender off the line and went to the mid-range a bit as well.

Logan Weyer -- 2015 -- PG -- Minnesota Magic Elite
5-10 -- Baldwin Woodville -- Wilson, WI
In a morning loss to the Quad City Elite, Weyer scored 19 points and displayed a number of different ways to score the ball. Weyer has an advanced floater and runner game for a young guard and also has quick hands and a decent feel for the point guard position.

Luke Zuiker -- 2014 -- SF -- Wisconsin Playmakers Peterson
6-5 -- Marshfield H.S. -- Marshfield, WI
After a strong showing at the NY2LA Invitational in May, Zuiker continued to shoot the ball well from the perimeter and make plays. Zuiker had 20 points in a win over E1T1 and knocked in multiple three-pointers while also chipping in some assists and hitting the glass on the defensive end.