With all the talent at the Grassroots Showcase, one article was just not enough for the top performers. Here’s the next group of players that came to play in Louisville. 

Ethan Kizer – 2023 – F – Mid-Pro Academy
Kizer is a lengthy wing with some serious bounce that has continued to develop all of his skills. While he has been a highflyer that could knock down some jumpers for a while, the rest of his game has grown. He has become more of a complete that can make plays off the dribble, passes the ball well, and more. 

Bennett McCormick – 2023 – G – JH1 Elite
McCormick is a tough attacking wing guard that proved to be very difficult to stop off the dribble. He has a good combination of quickness and strength to beat his man off the dribble often. The sophomore was often going hard to the basket to score around the rim. He plays with great energy and really battles defensively to shut down his man. 

Milan Momcilovic – 2023 – F – Phenom University
Momcilovic continues to prove he is one of the more skilled 2023 forwards around. With his smooth jumper with deep range, ability to shoot it off the dribble, can attack off the dribble well, all in addition to his 6’8” height, makes him incredibly difficult to defend. Expect Momcilovic to be a very popular name amongst high major coaches moving forward. 

Jakai Netwon – 2023 – G – Atlanta Xpress
One of the more impressive guards at the entire tournament. He’s a skilled and highly explosive 6’3” guard. He is incredibly tough to defend off the dribble attacking and uses his quickness to get to the basket in a hurry and finish at the rim. He’s a legitimate three level scorer that also added baskets hitting jumpers from the mid-range and three. 

James Okonkwo – 2023 – F – All Ohio Red
Okonwko has continued to show he is one of the better 2023 forwards in the region this spring. With his strength, athleticism, and motor in addition to his 6’9” height, he does a tremendous job scoring inside just dunking everything but can also stretch the floor from three. He moves well for his size and really works on the defensive end to lock up opposing big men.  

Wayne Pritts – 2023 – F – 3D Empire
A 6’8” forward with a good all-around skill set in addition to playing with good energy that is able to do a lot on the floor. Pritts is a very tough matchup with his ability to shoot it well from the perimeter, go strong to the basket off the dribble fighting through contact, good passing ability, in addition to his size. 

Miles Rubin – 2023 – F – Meanstreets
Over the weekend Rubin flashed some good ability and showed off a super high ceiling. The sophomore forward stands at 6’7” in addition to having good length and plays with great energy. With all his tools he is already a skilled shot blocker that can also defend post and wings effectively. Rubin scored the ball very well around the basket and showed expanded range on his jumper. 

JD Tate – 2023 – C – Yanders Law
Tate is a 6’8” post with a strong build and aggressive style of play. He just bullies the opposition to control the paint on both sides of the floor. When he got the ball around the basket, Tate just could not be stopped and finished everything strongly inside. He is a very active defender that was looking to contest everything around the basket. 

Jamal Townsend – 2023 – G – Team Trezz
Townsend is a smart guard that scored the ball at a high rate, especially while attacking the basket. He’s a guard with a solid build that goes hard to the basket and just could not be stopped. He battles through contact to get into the paint and finishes very well there strongly. In addition to his scoring, he is also a quality perimeter defender plus showed off a good passing ability. 

Nasir Whitlock – 2023 – G – Gain Elite
Whitlock is a talented guard that can score it in bunches. The athletic guard shoots it at a high level from deep but is also a quality driver that moves well with the ball and goes hard downhill to the basket. While he is a highly effective scorer, he also showed a good passing ability on the move.