Here is the next group of players from the 16U level that were helping themselves over the weekend in Louisville. 

Brogan McIntyre – 2023 – F – Madison Spartans
McIntyre is an energetic 6’6” forward that just makes plays on the court. He is a quality defender that can matchup with multiple positions well. McIntyre is a good spot up shooter from the outside than can also beat defenders off the dribble. He attacks the glass hard on every shot to put up big rebounding totals. 

Bobby McWard – 2023 – G – 3D Empire
The sophomore is a pure knockdown shooter. He has great form on his jumper and was shooting it at a very high percentage spotting up from deep. While he the bulk of his damage from deep, he can also attack the basket and handles the ball well. 

Lawrent Rice – 2023 – G – All Ohio Red
Rice is a good attacking point guard that has some size at 6’4” as well to good length. He is very tough to defend off the dribble with his quickness and moves with the ball. The sophomore has the ability to get to the rim in a hurry and finishes well around posts with his length. He is a good playmaker that can break down a defense with his attacking ability in addition to being a skilled passer with vision. 

Devin Royal – 2023 – F – All Ohio Red
Royal is a very powerful forward with a good strong build. A very strong scorer inside that just could not be stopped when he got the ball near the basket. He’s a very aggressive player that was just bullying defenders to finish through defenders. On the defensive end Royal played with great energy to defend the paint and his man.  

Marcus Pigram – 2023 – G – Meanstreets
Pigram is an up-tempo guard that plays well attacking the basket. He has extremely good moves with the ball and is always getting into the paint. The tough guard showed a good ability to finish around the paint in traffic, but also knew when to dish it off. He has a solid frame that he uses well when going to the basket. 

Jordan Shelton – 2023 – G – Yanders Law
Shelton is a quick guard that is tough to defend off the dribble. He moves well with the ball and has a great ability to blow by his man. Shelton is a very crafty finisher who knows how to score around the basket amongst posts. Defensively, he is a very aggressive defender that disrupts offenses often and forced plenty of turnovers.  

Aidan Singleton – 2023 – G – Ball4Lyfe
The point guard is always looking to attacks the defense and get to the basket. He has good handle and maneuvers well around defenders with the ball to get plenty of paint touches. Singleton was doing a very good job finishing at the basket as well as around the paint. 

Danny Stephens – 2023 – G – Mid-Pro Academy
Stephens is a lengthy 6’6” wing guard that was scoring the ball very efficiently in a variety of ways. He has a smooth jumper spotting up from three but also added baskets on drives, cuts, put backs, and in transition. Whatever the defense gave him, he capitalized to put up some big scoring numbers over the course of the weekend. 

Braydan Tatum – 2023 – G – Texas Tar Heels
Tatum is an athletic and versatile 6’4” wing guard that gets a lot done on the floor. Tatum moves well with the ball in his hands and scored it nicely attacking the basket. When he gets into the paint, Tatum is a strong finisher. He plays with a good motor and showed a nice ability to matchup with both guards and forwards effectively as well to being a tough rebounder. 

Jamisen Young – 2023 – G – World Hoops Elite
The sophomore point guard has continued to really develop his game to be having a breakout spring. He is very skilled with the ball in his hands and has a good ability to score and distribute it. Young is a very skilled passer on the move with tremendous vision in addition to being able to get to the basket often and finish well there.