Part two detailing all the talent that was on hand for the Grassroots Showcase at the 17U level. For division one coaches especially, this was a must watch event online. 

Trey Lewis – 2022 – G – The Family
Lewis is a versatile and skilled junior with some size in the backcourt at 6’5” with a solid build. He is a gifted scorer, especially with the ball in his hands. Lewis is a skilled shot maker that knocks down jumpers well from all over, especially off the dribble in addition to being able to take it strong to the basket. 

Keyon Menifield – 2021 – PG – The Family
An absolutely electric playmaking point guard that can score and distribute it very well. He has great quickness to often be beating his man off the dribble. Menifield has a great passing ability to setup his teammates but also finishes very well around the paint, shoots it well off the dribble, and has deep range from beyond the perimeter. For mid-majors that are still in need of a guard, Menifield is one to check out. 

Julian Norris – 2022 – PG – C2K Elite
A skilled point guard that’s good off the dribble but can also knock down the three. He’s a shifty guard with strong handle that moves well with the ball to really create for his teammates with his great vision on the attack. While he’s at his best with the ball attacking, Norris is a more than capable spot up shooter from three. 

Daniel Pounds – 2022 – F – Atlanta Xpress
The junior is a strong and explosive forward that was scoring the ball at a high level around the basket. The physical 6’7” big man finishes strong through contact and just dunks everything around the basket. On the other end he is a tough interior defender locking down opposing forwards as well to having good shot blocking ability. 

Jalen Quinn – 2022 – G – Illinois Wolves
Quinn is a well-rounded guard with good skills. With the combination of his strength and quickness, he does a good job beating defenders off the dribble. He is a tough attacking guard that did a very good job finishing around the paint, in addition to hitting a couple threes to put up some good scoring totals. 

Amen & Ausar Thompson – 2022 – G – Florida Pro
Even at 6’6”, the Thompson twins are highly skilled and athletic guards. They are two electric guards that were scoring at a very high level. Amen plays very well with the ball running the point and was shooting the ball extremely well off the dribble from three in addition to showing a good distributing ability. Ausar showed tremendous moves attacking the basket to score it in bunches around the paint. 

Seth Trimble – 2022 – PG – Phenom University
Trimble is an exceptionally skilled point guard that is at his best off the dribble attacking. He is an explosive athlete that was scoring it from all three levels but can also distribute the ball well with great instincts. The junior finishes at a high level at the basket and hits jumpers from all over. Trimble has all the tools to get it done on the next level. Following the tournament, he picked up offers from Indiana and Iowa. 

Jalen Washington – 2022 – PF – Meanstreets
Washington is an elite level prospect at 6’10” with all that he can do on the floor. He has great length and moves incredibly well for his size. He’s a good versatile scorer that gets it done on all three levels. He is a skilled scorer around the basket that couldn’t be stopped but also shot the ball well spotting up from three. Following the tournament Washington has picked up offers from Oklahoma and Penn State. 

David Wilkerson – 2022 – G – UTS Elite
The 6’4” guard was scoring the ball at a very high level. He is a versatile scorer that can get it done from all three levels but did much of his damage from beyond the perimeter. Wilkerson has a smooth jumper with a quick release and range plus shoots it well off the catch or dribble. He is tough to defend off the dribble and has a good ability to create his own shot.