With many of the top programs and players from the state in attendance, there was plenty of players shining at the Wisconsin Spring Showdown. 

Gavin Farrell – 2023 – G – WI Dynasty
Farrell has continued to show he is one of the more skilled 2023 guards around. He has a high basketball IQ and is able to contribute offensively in a number of ways. He is a knockdown spot up shooter that hits contested jumpers but can also play with the ball in his hands and get to the basket as well to being a good passer. 

Ben Goedheer – 2023 – F – JH1 Elite
The strong 6’5” power forward contributed well on both sides of the basketball in a variety of ways. While he scored the ball efficiently on the block as well as off the dribble getting to the basket, he made his biggest impact in other ways with plenty of skilled scorers on his team. He really works to defend opposing forwards and did that well in the paint as well on the perimeter and is a tough rebounder grabbing all boards around him. 

Tristan Johanknecht – 2023 – F – WI Crusaders
A tough and mobile 6’7” power forward that showed plenty of upside and contributed largely with his defensive play. He is an aggressive player that moves well for his size and really works on the defensive end to lock down the paint and his man. He attacked the glass hard for every board and added some baskets around the paint. 

Milan Momcilovic – 2023 – F – Phenom University
Tournament after tournament Momcilovic comes to play, and this weekend was no exception. Such an efficient scorer that is mismatch nightmare with his versatile scoring ability and 6’8” height. He is a gifted scorer with his ability to knock down jumpers, attack the basket, and post up on the block. He is one of the top 2023 players in the entire Midwest. 

Alex Sherwood – 2023 – F – WI Crusaders
At 6’7”, Sherwood is a skilled plus versatile wing forward. He defends multiple positions well inside and out in addition to being able to control the glass. The sophomore scored the ball in a number of ways spotting up from deep, posting up, and putting it on the floor. A very tough matchup with his size, skills, and agility.