The state of Wisconsin came to play at the Wisconsin Spring Showdown and the 17U level was no exception to this. Here are the players that stood out the most from this group. 

Luke Bara – 2022 – G – ABC Young Lions
Bara had an impressive weekend scoring and distributing the ball at a high rate. He has tight handle and moves well with the basketball. Bara can create his own shot and was shooting it at a high percentage off the dribble from all over. He also showed off very good vision to create for his teammates often. 

Leon Bond – 2022 – G/F – JH1 Elite
Bond is a highly explosive and lengthy wing that has really continued to round out his game. He is very tough to stop off the dribble as he glides to the basket and can really finish. Once he gets going to the basket, he is very difficult to stop. He’s a very tough on ball defender who can also block shots well around the paint. An active player that contributes in so many ways. 

Tyler Borowski – 2022 – G – WI Crusaders
A smart point guard that really scored the ball at a high level. Borowski scored the ball extremely well while attacking the basket but can also knock down outside jumpers at a good rate. He has good handle and moves very well with the ball to get to the basket often. While he stood out the most with his scoring, he also has good point guard skills and can create for his teammates. 

Will Boser – 2022 – G – WI Swing
Boser is a wing guard with some size at 6’5” that really impressed with his outside shooting. The junior has deep range beyond the arc and moves well without the ball to get himself good looks at the basket. When he is able to spot up and get set, he was rarely missing his shots during the tournament. 

Josiah Butler – 2022 – G – WI Crusaders
Butler was another member of the Crusaders backcourt that scored the ball very well. He’s a skilled scorer with the ball in his hands as he shoots it very well off the dribble from the mid-range and three but can also get to the basket and finish. He proved to be incredibly tough to defend as he gets by defenders well with his moves but also rises up quickly and hits his shots at a high percentage. 

Jerome Jacobs – 2022 – G – Movement Hoops Elite
Jacobs showed a great scoring ability at the tournament. The 6’3” guard has a good ability to hit tough contested jumpers and has deep range beyond the arc. Though, Jacobs also moves well with the ball with his quickness and scored it well getting all the way to the basket. 

Danilo Jovanovich – 2022 – F – Phenom University
A talented wing forward with an ability to score inside and outside, Jovanovich did all of that and more as he found ways to collect rebounds and finish while also delivering quality mid-range play, post up ability, and knocking down threes.  Jovanovich fills the box score and then some game in and game out and his intangibles, defense, and overall ability to score at every level was impressive throughout the weekend.  

Greyson Pritzl – 2022 – G – WI RAP
The junior guard is a skilled scored that does it in a number of ways with some size at 6’4”. He had a highly impressive weekend, scoring 28 points in one of his games. Pritzl is a skilled shot maker that was knocking down deep contested threes off the catch and dribble at a very high percentage throughout the tournament. While he did most of his damage from the perimeter, he can also play off the dribble and uses his strength to get to the basket. 

Damar Reed – 2022 – G – ABP Athletics
An athletics two-way point guard that showed plenty of game throughout the tournament. A tough on ball defender that can really stick with opposing guards and get all over the ball without being beat. Offensively he showed off a nice jumper spotting up from three but contributed most with his distributing. He was often penetrating the defense and was always scanning the floor on the moves to create for his teammates. 

Marcus Tomashek – 2022- G – JH1 Elite
Tomashek seems to get better each and every tournament this spring. He’s a skilled all-around 6’4” wing guard that can shoot, handle the ball, and pass it all very well. Every tournament Tomashek shows that he is a knock down shooter from the perimeter with a great looking jumper but can get it done on all three levels. He should be on the radar of all low major and division two programs in the region. 

Seth Trimble – 2022 – PG – Phenom University
While Trimble always plays at a high level, he was simply unstoppable during the championship game and took it over to lead Phenom to the title with a 27-point outburst. The point guard just has great quickness and dynamic moves while attacking to always be beating his man and getting to the basket. The explosive athlete can finish big at the rim but is also a crafty finisher around the paint. With his big performance, he earned himself a couple of Big 10 offers, coming from Michigan and Penn State.