In addition to the top performers at the Lone Star Invitational, there were many players boosting their recruitment stock. Here are the ones that did it the most down in Dallas. 

Dorian Booker – 2023 – C – New Orleans Elite
An imposing figure on the court at 6’10” with a strong build. Even with his tremendous size, he still has some agility to move well. He made his biggest impact on the defensive end with his shot blocking ability as well to grabbing any rebound near him. He showed some nice touch around the basket to score posting up over both shoulders. 

Logan Jans – 2023 – G – MN Comets
The point guard did a nice job racking up both points and assists. When he has the ball in his hands, he is a skilled distributor that reads the floor and moves the ball well. Playing off the ball he is a knock down shooter with deep range beyond the arc. Jans shot the ball at a high percentage and is a smart player.  

Ketraleus Aldridge – 2023 – G – All Arkansas Red
An active guard with some size at 6’5” plus some athleticism. He plays well off the dribble being able to get into the paint often and finish but can also spot up and hit some jumpers from three. Lester has nice moves attacking with the ability to change direction to often beat defenders off the dribble. 

Oscar Mance – 2023 – G – CyFair Elite
The point guard plays very well off the dribble. He has good moves with the ball and is often beating his defender to get plenty of paint touches and finish there. Mance is a good decision maker that doesn’t force anything and always knows where to go with the ball. On the opposite end, he is a very tough on ball defender.   

Braden McGlothlin – 2023 – G – JH1 Elite
McGlothlin took his game to another level over the weekend and had a highly impressive game scoring 18 points in one. He stands out most with his shot making ability with deep range, but also took the ball to the basket and finished it strong through contact. He is a smart guard that plays with good energy. 

Chance Rucker – 2023 – G – Texas Tar Heels
Rucker is a tough and athletic two-way guard that plays with a big motor. He’s a good on-ball defender out on the perimeter. Rucker is very tough to beat off the dribble and forces turnovers well. He’s a good slasher that scored it well going to the basket and finishes well around the hoop. 

Jordan Shelton – 2023 – G – Yanders Law
An instinctive point guard that knows how to play. Shelton is a good playmaker that is tough to defend when attacking the basket. He has good shifty moves plus strong handle. Shelton scores well on his drives getting all the way to the basket but is also a good distributor. While he’s at best attacking, he can also shoot it from three. 

Hayden Smith – 2023 – F – Team Griffin
The 6’7” power forward performed exceptionally well in the paint on both ends. He has a good motor plus some toughness and strength to defend the paint and contest all shots hard near him. He is a good back to the basket scorer with his size, moves, and soft touch, but doesn’t force anything and passes well out of the post. 

Grant Stubblefield – 2023 – G – KC Run GMC
Stubblefield is a high IQ guard that is a good playmaker. He is a good decision maker with the ball in his hands and rarely turns it over. He is quick with good handle to often be getting into the paint and is a crafty finisher there amongst big men. He showed a nice ability to finish at a high percentage when he got into the paint. 

Braden Tanner – 2023 – G – Arkansas Wolves
The sophomore guard is a smooth shooter that can put up some points. He is a high percentage shooter with great mechanics that can hit shots spotting up from three as well to pulling up in the mid-range. While not the quickest or most athletic, he really works on the other end to be a quality defender. 

Katrell Weekly – 2023 – G/F – Young Gifted Elite
Weekly scored the ball extremely well going to the basket aggressively. With his quickness and strength, he was often beating his man and getting into the paint. Once the wing got into the paint, he finished at a high percentage as he could finish strong through contact but is also a crafty finisher when needed.