In addition to the top performers and stock boosters here are all the a few others to watch. All five of these stood out over the course of the three days having strong performances for themselves. 

Moses Blackwell – 2025 – PG – Reach Legends 

Blackwell is a gifted playmaking point guard. While only 5’7” he has a great ability playing with the ball in his hands. With his quickness and moves he was getting wherever he wanted with the ball as he proved so difficult to stay in front of. Not only did he get into the paint to finish and distribute it but also shot it well from the outside. 

Will Hornseth – 2024 – PF – Wisconsin Blizzard

It was another highly productive weekend for Hornseth. On Friday we saw him go for 20 points and he had 19 points in another game. At 6’8” with his versatile scoring ability it is no surprise that no one has really found a way to slow him down. He is such a mismatch for the opposition scoring in the post, off the dribble, and from the perimeter. 

Blake Fagbemi – 2025 – PG – Illinois Attack

The freshman is a quality playmaker with good point guard skills. A smart decision maker with good quickness and sees the floor well. Fagbemi was getting all over the floor with the ball to create for his teammates. More than just a distributor he also shot the ball very well spotting up from three. 

Ben Ribordy – 2024 – G – Mercury Elite

A well-rounded guard that plays with great energy. Ribordy plays so hard on the court to contribute in a big way on the floor. He plays well with the ball in his hands but also shoots it well spotting up from three. His energy translates well to his defensive play with tough on ball defense disrupting offenses and forcing turnovers. 

Noah Safadi – 2024 – SF – Atlanta Allstars 

A long and versatile wing that is very productive but also shows ever greater upside. He is very active defensively using his 6’6” size and length to defend the paint but can also match up out on the perimeter. Like on offense where he will go to work in the paint for buckets but will also step out to shoot the three. He has good instincts to pair with some athleticism as well.