With all the talent and depth this year at the 16U level of the NY2LA Association, one part was just not nearly enough. Here are the other member that were voted upon the honorable mentions list. 

Aiden Krause – 2024 – SF – 24Up

Even after missing the start of the season due to an injury, Krause came out strong in the late spring and especially in the summer to cement his spot on this list. He is a tough and active 6’4” wing that did so much for his team. He constantly played with good physicality to defend multiple positions with all his tools in addition scoring it effectively in a variety of ways. 

Dehrio McCaskill – 2025 – G – Yanders Law

Even while playing up, McCaskill proved he more than belonged at the 16U level this season. Over the course of multiple tournaments, he showed off his versatile game making plenty of plays for Yanders. An explosive 6’3” guard that was a highly impactful player on both ends of the floor. With his length and athleticism, he is a tough on ball defender in addition to being a skilled slasher on the offensive end. 

Ryan Meehan – 2024 – SG – MTXE Premier

While Meehan had a good season last year at the 15U level, his skill level took big jumps this season helping to lead this good MTXE squad. He has developed into a knock down outside shooter, showing that in a game this summer hitting seven threes in one half alone. Much more than a shooter however, the strong wing guard did plenty this season to win his team games and earn his way here. 

Jon O’Neil – 2024 – PF – Wisconsin Blizzard

The big man has taken great strides in his game to be a key piece of this championship Blizzard squad. Not only does he stand at 6’9” but plays with a big motor. He is just scratching the surface of his potential and while he may not be the flashiest of players, he did a ton to help his team win plenty of games. A player to track in the coming months during his junior season. 

Connor Roffers – 2024 – SG – MTXE Premier

The second member of this 16U MTXE Premier team to make the honorable mention list. Roffers was of the more improved players during the course of the last few months on the association. He is an energetic 6’5” wing that can do a bit of everything on the floor. During the summer he was playing his best basketball to help MTXE capture some impressive wins and cement his way onto this list. 

Rob Sorensen – 2024 – SG – Kyle Guy Elite

Right from the start of the season in Indianapolis at the Spring Extravaganza, Sorensen showed off his scoring ability. Sorensen is a knockdown shooter with one of the purest jumpers on the 16U level of the association. More than just a shooter, Sorensen is an efficient guard who knows how to play and was a key piece for this skilled Kyle Guy Elite 16U team. 

Gavin Van Wie – 2024 – G/F – Wisconsin Swing

One of the more versatile players at the 16U level that contributed in so many areas for his Swing team to be a huge reason for all the success of this team during the spring and summer. The strong wing is an efficient scorer who does it especially well from the outside in addition to being a real stat stuffer. 

Aaron Womack – 2025 – G/F – Team Haliburton

Even while playing up a level, Womack did more than enough to earn his way onto this list. He has a lot of natural tools at 6’5” with his length and athleticism in addition to his shot making ability. The 2025 wing out of Wisconsin is a player to see this upcoming high school season.