With four days of basketball at the Summer Jam, there were plenty of standouts and this was especially true at the 17U level. Here is the first part of the top performers from this level. 

Daniel Allen – 2024 – SF – Moss Elite

Along with guard Kaydon Custard, they formed one of the top duos of the tournament helping lead Moss Elite to the quarterfinals of the tournament. On Friday he had a 17-point game and only continued to get better from there then finishing off his tournament with a 24-point performance.  The tough 6’5” wing forward was a consistent knockdown shooter from three all tournament in addition to aggressively finishing all around the paint with his strength. 

Chauncey Brashers – 2024 – PG – Marshall Warriors

A true playmaking point guard that can do so much on the floor. He plays quick with the ball in his hands with the ability to create for himself and others. With his quickness he is often getting into the paint creating but is also effective from the outside hitting shots. Brashers is also a skilled passer who looks to push the ball and really create for his teammates in transition as well as in the half court. 

Dekwon Brown – 2024 – PG – DB Pro

It was another big weekend for Brown in which he helped his team reach the final four with some tough wins along the way. Primarily with his shot making, Brown had some big point totals including 22 points while hitting five threes in the semifinals. He has a nice ability to create his shots from the outside and has good range shooting off the dribble. While he has picked up a few division one offers recently, he is still a player that more mid-major coaches should see. 

Cale Cosme – 2024 – PG – ET21 Buckeyes

Cosme continues to show he is one of the more skilled playmaking point guard with a few impressive games during the Summer Jam. While he was often scoring in double figures his biggest impact may have been with his ability to create for his teammates. A smart point guard with a tremendous ability to get all over the floor with the ball and break down defenses with his moves, quickness, and vision. A skilled passer who is also a good finisher in the paint for his size. He recently picked up an offer from Lewis University. 

Kaydon Custard – 2024 – PG – Moss Elite

Custard had one of the best games of the entire tournament. In a thrilling quarterfinals matchup against a very good Wisconsin Blizzard team the rising senior went for a staggering 33 points. While he hit a few threes in the game, he did the bulk of his damage attacking the basket. He plays strong with the ball in his hands and just would not be stopped from getting into the paint and finishing strong over or through defenders. He plays with great energy and toughness and has some strength from the guard spot. 

Javar Daniel – 2023 – PF – Yanders Law

In my first time seeing the forward from Tennessee, he more than impressed. He has great physical tools standing at 6’9” with elite length but is still very mobile and showed quality skills. Throughout the tournament he showed a good ability to score posting up with good touch around the paint but also passes it well out of the post and can handle the ball well at his size. Daniel was one of the highest upside players of the tournament. In his first game of the tournament, he went for 20 points. 

Ty Fernholz – 2024 – G – Wisconsin Blizzard

Fernholz continues to show he’s one of the top shooters in the entire Midwest’s 2024 class. On Thursday to start off the tournament, he hit four key threes down the stretch of a game leading Blizzard to a key win. Then on Saturday in the quarterfinals he scored 31 points in a victory doing much of his damage from the outside. While a knockdown shooter, there is much more to his game.

Tim Franks – 2024 – SG – Chapman Basketball Academy

Nothing new, but Tim Franks can really shoot the basketball. The 6’5” two guard was his usually self, hitting a few threes in every one of his games. This includes six threes in a single game on his way to twenty-point outing. Franks also used his strong frame to get into the paint and finish as well as playing big down in the paint defensively. 

Stoney Hadnot – 2024 – G/F – Team Temple

The electric wing only continues to get better. He has good size at 6’6” with plenty of length and athleticism. He’s at his best going to the basket in the half court and transition but showing more of a consistent outside jumper with the ability to hit shots off the dribble to put up 24 points in a game on Thursday. He was also playing very active defensively on the ball and in the passing lanes. A real stock riser over the past few months that should see his offer list grow.  

Sebastian Hill – 2024 – G – Predators Elite

An under the radar guard in Illinois’ 2024 class the continues to score the ball extremely well this year on the NY2LA Association. In the one game I watched of his at Summer Jam, he put up twenty points. Hill has a very good ability to score the ball in numerous ways. He has some positional size at 6’3” and plays well with the ball on the attack with shifty moves. Though he is just as good hitting shots off the catch as well as the dribble from the outside. He has the looks of a guard that could get onto scholarship coaches’ radars.